Subscription Rules

The subscription rules regulate the fees to be paid by the members. This version was agreed at the Assembly of Delegates on 20 March 2019 in Pamporovo/Bulgaria.

§ 1 Funds

ISIA obtains its funds from the subscriptions of affiliated associations, from donations and from cooperation subscriptions.

§ 2 Subscriptions

Every member is to pay, without specifically being asked to, an annual subscription for each and every ski and snow sports instructor who is quali­fied in accordance with the ISIA quality standard to carry the ISIA stamp or card. The amount of the subscription is determined by the Assemb­ly of Delegates, and is currently:

  • up to 500 ski and snow sports instructors, a basic amount of EUR 1500,00
    above that EUR 3,00 for each additional ski and snow sports instructor.

The due date for payment of the subscription is 1st October for the following business year. Subscriptions must be transferred to the ISIA account.

§ 3 Duties

The level of subscription will be kept at an amount that enables the ISIA to carry out its administrative duties and fulfil the aims decided by the Assembly of Delegates.

The ISIA is only liable for its funds. The member associations will not be required to compensate for any debts.

Any national associations of ski instructors that delay paying their subscrip­tions will not receive the stamps until the arrears and outstanding subscrip­tions have been paid.

§ 4 Subscription Obligation/Exclusion

If a member association does not pay its subscription it shall lose its voting right until the arrears have been cleared. In the event of a two-year delay in paying the subscription, the Assembly of Delegates may exclude a member who is in arrears.