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It has always been the goal of the International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA) to support the community of over 35,000 professional snow sport instructors around the world in their activities. The ISIA database is the perfect basis for this. In order to be informed about the worldwide professional snow sport instructor qualifications, it will be sufficient in the future to have a look at the ISIA Database. We wish you much success.

The ISIA Database offers organizations, institutions, companies and other interested parties the possibility to check whether the person is part of the group of highest qualified professional snow sport instructors related to the ISIA Quality Standard for the education of snow sport professionals. The ISIA Quality Standard is the worldwide recognized guideline for the classification of professional qualifications in snow sport teaching.

The national ISIA member associations are exclusively responsible for the inscription of the individual snow sports instructors in the ISIA Database. Only those who have successfully completed a corresponding, national training as a professional ski, snowboard or cross-country instructor can be listed in the ISIA Database. Snow sport instructors can present themselves on this platform, not only with their name, their qualification, their background, but also with some additional information and their personal contact details.

All member associations in the ISIA, which are responsible for the professional education to become a snow sport instructor in the respective nations, are also visible for everyone with their detailed information about the national education to become a professional snow sport instructor. The member associations are already very familiar with the ISIA Database and are already working intensively with it.

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You are already in the ISIA Database with your professional snow sport instructor qualification, but you cannot edit your own data   ->

You are already in the ISIA Database with your professional snow sport instructor qualification, you can edit your own data, but you do not want your personal data to be shown to the public   ->

You are not in the ISIA database with your professional snow sport instructor qualification   ->

You are already a snow sport instructor with a training outside the ISIA member nations   ->