Danish Association of Professional Ski Instructors (DAPSI)

Idrættens Hus
Brøndby Stadion 20
DK-2605 Brøndby

+45 61 79 43 26


Rasmus Lundby

The ambition and trade mark of DAPSI – the Danish Alliance of Professional Ski Instructors – is to develop, market and sell Danish ski instruction to all Danish ski runners. DAPSI offers instruction for all levels within alpine skiing and the objective in the long run is that the school can offer instruction within disciplines such as snowboard and telemark skiing.

DAPSI is capable of improving technique, knowledge, the entertainment level and least but not last security by offering instruction on the highest pedagogic and technical level.

DAPSI’s mission is that Danish ski instructors are and shall remain the obvious choice for Danish ski runners, whom would like to receive instruction. DAPSI is entitled to educate Danish ski instructors, which offer the possibility to mark and improve the Danish ski instructors.