ISIA News, November 2019

Dear ISIA members in Europe,

On 21.10.2019 a meeting took place in Munich by invitation of Snowsport Austria. The EU member states, who have signed the MoU, were invited. The aim of the meeting was, to discuss some procedures and practices, suggested by the Syndicat National des Moniteur du Ski Francais (S.N.M.S.F.), resulting from the Delegated Regulation of the European Union for professional ski instructors. The basic points concerning the Delegated Regulation, automatic recognition, the qualifications involved, the Technical Test and the Safety Test are described concretely in the Regulation itself and its annexes. ISIA will be happy to answer your questions. You can also contact the DG for Internal Market of the EU Commission, Martin Frohn or Fabian Junge, directly.

The European professional ski instructors, who have the professional ski instructor status as defined by the Delegated Regulation, will in future be listed on the EU’s IMI platform, where each member state can check online, whether all the requirements for automatic recognition have been met. This special module for professional ski instructors is currently being developed by the EU Commission and is expected to go online in the first half of 2020. Until the online launch of the platform, there will be another small sticker, called C.T.T. (common training test), for the national ski instructor card only for the coming winter. You can use this sticker, if….

  • ski instructors, who have passed the highest examination in an EU member state and who want to get their qualifications automatically recognised in another EU member state,
  • ski instructors, who have passed the highest examination in an EU member state and who practice their profession as self-employed ski instructors in another EU member state,
  • ski instructors, who have passed the highest examination in an EU member state and who wish to settle in another EU member state and run a commercial ski school there. The same national requirements also apply here as for those, who have to prove, that they have a domestic professional ski instructor.

It should therefore be noted, that the new C.T.T. sticker on the national cards of professional ski instructors is not a qualification stamp, but only a sign of automatic recognition of the professional qualification in the coming winter. The stamp of the International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA) is still the only globally valid and accepted qualification stamp based on the common standards of 37 ISIA member nations. The “MoU” sticker no longer exists. Please note a C.T.T. and C.T.T.-sticker are not a requirement for cross border work. It is a “possible routing” that gives the benefit of automatic recognition in the whole EU. The automatic C.T.T. recognition regime adds up to the existing EU-regime for the recognition of professional qualifications from other EU Member States.

From 19. to 21.01.2020 the next calibration of the forerunners for the winter 2019-20 will take place in Kirchberg/Austria. Snowsport Austria has already sent out the invitations. If you did not receive an invitation and would like to attend the calibration, please contact Snowsport Austria. It would be great, if as many EU member states as possible participate with their reference drivers. All member states according to Annex 1 of the DRA have the right to attend the calibration or to observe it officially.

It is important that we work together openly, collegially and constructively on all current developments. Only if we find a common position will we achieve something, contrary to the ideas of individuals. The ISIA Presidium and the Secretary General are clearly in favour of this cooperation and are gladly available for a bilateral exchange.

Best regards

Peter Hennekes
General Secretary


Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/907 of 14 March 2019 establishing a Common Training Test for ski instructors under Article 49b of Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the recognition of the professional qualifications