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At the ISIA Congress 2018 in Grainau the members discussed suggestions and proposal for the future of ISIA. We are now asking the opinion of all the members about those suggestions.

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Future ISIA Budget – Provided that the 2019 ISIA AD agrees, the ISIA fees currency will change from Chf to Eur. Keeping in mind the goal of developing the Association and its initiatives and offers to the Members, which other initiatives does your Association support in order to expand the ISIA Budget.

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Membership basis

The current ISIA membership is limited to the “black level” (ISIA Card) and the “red level” (ISIA Stamp) of the ISIA Pyramid. ISIA might consider creating an ISIA Trainee level, including the “blue level” instructors of the ISIA pyramid trained by each member association. These snow sports instructors receive neither ISIA stamp nor ISIA-Card, but with their qualification they are part of the ISIA training pyramid. All further details are defined by the Technical Commission.

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Corporate ID

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ISIA World Championship – In order to develop this event, ISIA could include additional programs such as technical workshops, project presentations, exhibitions, product presentations, lectures, exchange and discussions. The format could evolve into a four-day “ISIA World Forum” to be held every four years and open to other high qualified ski business stakeholders (ski school leaders, tour operators, lift operators, winter sports manufacturers, etc.).

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At the ISIA meeting last summer there was a discussion about the ISIA Quality Standard for ski schools and a Quality label.

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