Montenegrin Association of Snowsport Instructors (MASI)

Ul.19 December 21
MNE 20 000, Podgorica

+382 69 0123 18


Mileta Lekovic

MASI is an official association of the Montenegro established on November 26th, 1994, the delegates of all ski instructors from the Montenegro decided to found MASI that would have the same rights and obligations as the former Association of Ski Instructors and Coaches of Montenegro.The main purspose for it establishment was the wish to develop and promote world trends in snowsports on the mountains of Montenegro, since Montenegro is mainly mountain country where snow lasts for at least 6 months, while on some peaks it lasts all year round. Our aim is to improve, through development of Winter tourism, the quality of local people life who have been living in these mountain regions for centuries. Development of Snowsport in Montenegro, would certainly influence on stop moving lokal people from montain.

MASI at the moment has 318 members. Active 86 alpine instructors, 18 nordic instructors, 12 snowboard instructors.