Snowsports Academy San Marino (SAS)

Via dei Boschetti 22
47893 Borgo Maggiore (RSM)
San Marino

+39 800-346378


Corrado Sulsente

Ski Instructor Association San Marino (S.I.A.S.) is certainly the youngest member of ISIA. Instituted in 2008 as a professional branch of San Marino Winter Sports Federation (F.S.S.I.), gather the Ski Instructor III° who have obtained this title at the conclusion of the complete training attended in Snowsports Academy San Marino, the school of our nation specialized in winter Sports disciplines training.

Nowadays, the association groupes Ski Instructors specialized in teaching downhill skiing but, in the next future, the commitment will be also with training of Nordic skiing and Snowboarding.

The mission that guided our tecnic and didactic choices is aimed at creating a professional figure fit for the demands of the international market, both present and future: this is the reason why Ski Instructors members of S.I.A.S. studies in depth, during the basic training and later during the updating courses, the more advanced arguments and contents of education and tourism sport coordination, becoming specialists in Client and Student care.