ISIA News, April 2020

Dear ISIA members,

We are still concerned about the worldwide spread of the virus “Covid-19” and the restrictions in our lives caused by it. At present we have to accept, that this situation in the individual countries as well as in international travel will continue to determine our life and work for a certain time. Our thoughts are currently going to Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Chile. The snow sport instructors in these countries are looking forward to their winter 2020 and we wish them from the bottom of our heart, that they may enjoy a successful winter.

The Presidium meeting in Prague planned for 12. to 14. March 2020 could not take place. Instead, the members of the Presidium met for a video call online on 12.04.2020. The current projects are still being worked on and further developed. The ISIA office will continue to be open on Thursday and Marina Wolf will handle all incoming enquiries and orders. Whether the next meeting of the Presidium in June 2020 will take place in Prague or online again will be decided by mid May. Nevertheless, all members of the Presidium are working on their tasks, so that we can present and decide on the promised results at the next Assembly of Delegates.

The decision about the next ISIA Assembly of Delegates, about how, when and where, will be made by the Presidium until the end of June 2020. Currently the Presidium is evaluating the different possibilities, watching the worldwide development around “Covid-19” closely, making a decision and then informing all ISIA members at least three months before the Assembly. Unfortunately we cannot make a decision at the moment, because there are still too many uncertainties and restrictions in many countries.

The ISIA database is currently being updated together with our new IT partner and we are proceeding well. Currently every ISIA member can use the ISIA database unchanged via their login data, register new snow sport instructors, change or delete existing ones. However, changes in the training structure or qualifications in the individual countries are not possible, as well as updating (renew) of the individual status “active” or “not active”. With these changes we have to ask for a little patience until the new ISIA Database is activated. If you need support in working with the ISIA Database at the moment, please contact the ISIA Office by e-mail or phone. The ISIA Presidium points out in this context, that according to the decision of the Assembly of Delegates 2019 in Pamporovo the registrations in the database decide about the number of voting rights at the next Assembly of Delegates.

Comes through this difficult time well, stay healthy and positive.

Best regards

Dr. Vittorio Caffi           Peter Hennekes
President                     General Secretary