ISIA News, December 2021

Dear ISIA members,

The International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA) very much regrets that Austria, France and most parts of Italy have cancelled their membership and with this the worldwide cooperation of the professional ski instructors in ISIA at the end of 2017. Despite several attempts to begin to talk with these three nations and to look for acceptable solutions for both sides, the situation is still the same. The ones who suffer first of all are the many thousands of excellently qualified snow sport instructors in these regions. From ISIA’s point of view, the doors for a return of the three national member associations are still open and all 37 member nations in ISIA wish for this return. In the interest of a worldwide network of professional snow sports instructors, the ISIA will continue to use all options for the return of the three associations, will be open for discussions and will gladly look for solutions with the national ski instructors’ associations of France, Austria and Italy in order to follow the goals and interests of the ISIA together again.