ISIA News, August 2012

This newsletter aims to encourage our members to take an active part in the life and development of the ISIA. We would be happy to include any suggestions in our working programme, thank you!

The first meeting of the new steering committee took place in Zurich on 22 August 2012. Martin Bacer, Vice President ISIA, sent apologies for his absence due to the peak season currently taking place in the Argentinian winter. Gilles Chabert, advisor, did not come to the meeting. Otherwise, the entire committee was present.

The steering committee was re-formed and reorganised. Dr Hugo Reider was again nominated for the post of General Secretary by the President for the next period and confirmed in this office by the steering committee with one vote against.

The new steering committee would like to see more of the daily work carried out by the steering committee members instead of delegating the work to the commissions.

As a result, various tasks to be continued were included in the worklist along with several new ones. Here are a few of the subjects which the ISIA board will deal with or implement over the next few years:
– Rolling forward and implementing the minimum standard and setting up the database.
– Integrating the ISIA world championship into the Interski programme.
– The ISIA is to take a more active stance towards publicity and improve its social media and website.
– In addition, the ISIA is to make its presence felt at the ISPO trade fair, make contact with the International Cableways Association and continue to carry out the technical events.

The steering committee would welcome an active dialogue with the members and encourages them to suggest how snow sports could be developed further so that good ideas can be circulated.

In a spirit of optimism, we would like to ask all members to take an active part in the life of the ISIA. We look forward to receiving your input.