ISIA News, June 2012

Congress and Delegates’ Meeting in Cracow, 16 – 20 May 2012
The ISIA congress and delegates’ meeting took place in Cracow, Poland from 16 – 18 May and the supporting programme was held afterwards until 20 May.

In addition to the delegates’ meeting with the elections and amendments to the bylaws, the congress also focused on health and safety in snow sports.

The theme of the congress as well as the delegates’ meeting had generated a great deal of interest and all 39 member nations with over 120 participants were able to attend and were greeted by the President.

Congress themes


Jean-Marc Gilliéron gave an informative lecture on how snow sports can contribute to the promotion of health (see website).


Vittorio Caffi summarised the results of the Technical Event 2012 at Davos and referred to the minimum skills required for ski instructors skiing off-piste, based on the safety module issued by the German Ski Instructors’ Association (DSLV).
The precise description for the minimum standard safety for the ISIA stamp and card is now to be definitively formulated following the consultation.

The delegates’ meeting


There were a total of 21 candidates for the 9 seats on the steering committee. The election was conducted by open ballot, all 39 nations taking part, and the result was as follows:
President: Riet R. Campell (CH)
Vice President Europe: Vittorio Caffi (IE)
Vice President America: Martin Bacer (AR)
Vice President Asia: Yuichi Mabuchi (JP)
Advisor: Gilles Chabert (FR), Valentin Kidaisch (DE), Dave Renouf (GB), Richard Walter (AT)
Treasurer: Jiri Kotaska (CZ)
Auditors: Tomislav Sepic (HR), Frank Lund (DK)
Many thanks to all those who stood for office and congratulations to those who have been elected. I look forward to a good working relationship.

Changes to the bylaws

At the request of BASI 2 years ago, it was decided to initiate discussions on changes to the bylaws and proposals on this subject were prepared for the delegates’ meeting. In addition to BASI (GB), France (SNMSF) also submitted proposals for changes to the bylaws.

Apart from BASI’s proposal relating to a change of name from ski instructors’ to snow sports’ instructors association, all proposals were withdrawn.

The proposal for a name change clearly failed to gain a majority with 74 votes against and 16 in favour which means that the bylaws and rules of internal procedure remain unchanged.

Proposal from Austria for a report on ISIA-FEMPS

The Austrian Ski Instructors’ Association (ÖSSV) proposed that the steering committee provide the delegates’ meeting with a detailed report of the proceedings and costs of the legal action of the ISIA against the FEMPS before the Munich District Court.

The General Secretary Dr. Hugo Reider presented the necessary information which the delegates took note of. The legal action was abandoned by mutual consent of the parties to the dispute.

The legal action ISIA-FEMPS is therefore concluded.

As far as the European Professional Card is concerned, the conditions for its introduction are to be negotiated on a bilateral basis between the governments of the member nations and Brussels.

The ISIA will be concentrating in future on the ISIA quality label in the field of training with the ISIA minimum standard, the ISIA stamp and ISIA card whereby these standards will not automatically lead to mutual recognition. Recognition of diplomas can only be carried out mutually by the individual nations.

Income statement

The 2011 statement budgeted for a loss of CHF 20,000.00. The statement reported a loss of CHF 468.99. Total assets amount to CHF 249,662.68.

New members

Korea (KSIA) was adopted as a member by acclamation. A very warm welcome to our new member!

2013 World Championship

The ISIA World Championship had already been assigned to Andorra. Unfortunately Andorra is not able to host the championships and so the 2013 World Championship has been reassigned to Bulgaria.


Following the delegates’ meeting, a vote of thanks was delivered to the members no longer standing for re-election: Dino Degaudenz, Björn Zeitz and Peter Monauni who were given a small present as a token of appreciation.

We would like to thank our long-serving steering committee members from the bottom of our hearts for their tireless commitment to the ISIA. Especially over the last few years, the steering committee has not had an easy time with the new situation in Europe. The introduction of the minimum standard in the ISIA, training inspections and setting up the database are only a few of the tasks on which they worked with enthusiasm.


Eduardo Roldan (ES) is also leaving the steering committee as he was not re-elected. He was always a true advocate of the technical events. We hope to be able to continue calling on his services in the commission.

Thank you

Special thanks go to the organisers of the congress and supporting programme.

The congress was well organised and we were made to feel very welcome.

Special thanks go to Zuzanna Podgorna, President of the SITN-PNZ, to Krzysztof Zieba, her Vice President and to the rest of the team.

The supporting programme with the visit to the Salt Mines, the City Tour, the visits to the Underground Museum, the Mayor, Wawel Royal Castle, the Aviation Musuem and the Museum in Schindler’s Factory were very impressive experiences for everyone.


First, the website has to be revamped. Over the summer, the first steering committee meeting will be called to establish the commissions and continue working on the various projects.

The ideas put forward by the newly elected steering committee meeting member, Gilles Chabert, at the elections will certainly also be discussed and addressed.

I now wish all our members a wonderful summer and for those in the southern hemisphere a good start to the winter season.